Wine Club Sixpack # 29


This set of 2 whites and 4 reds comes in our reusable, partitioned, eco-friendly six bottle bag and contains over $90 worth of wine for a special price of $49.99. When you bring the empty bag back in, you receive a club discount on the purchase of six bottles or more of any of our in-stock wines. Our sixpack club has no rules and no obligations, just a good value collection of specially selected wine. Here is what is included in our latest collection...


Anakena “Indo” Sauvignon Blanc (suggested retail $9.99) Made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the San Antonio Valley in Chile. Maceration takes place before pressing for 9 to 10 hours with the must being fermented in stainless steel tanks. The Anakena INDO Sauvignon is not aged in oak barrels. This is an elegant and expressive Sauvignon Blanc with intense citrus and tropical notes. The palate is fresh and crisp, resulting in a powerful wine with a clear terroir expression from Anakena's vineyards in Leyda, Chile. Ideal with oysters, salads, grilled sea bass or goat cheese.

Fattoria Colmone “Bianco del Moro” (suggested retail $20.99) This unique white wine is made from the red Sangiovese grape and is a true expression of the "genius loci" of the hills of San Severino in the Marche region of Italy. Full white color with a slight golden hue. It exhibits intensely powerful and elegant aromas of white flowers, with hints of mature fruit such as apple and peach. The palate is fresh, round, rich and full-bodied. It is truly a red wine drinker’s white wine. Try with elaborate seafood appetizers, fresh and mildly aged cheeses, white meat and light sauce pasta dishes.

Villa Rubini Cabernet Franc Colli Orientali del Fruili (suggested retail $15.99) Domenico Rubini, bought this centuries old villa and game preserve 1814. It is one of the oldest family-owned wineries in Italy and this is a tradition that has been handed down for over 190 years. This Cabernet Franc is velvety smooth on the palate, with no hint of alcohol burn or acidity. Mellow and earthy with hints of black fruit. It is an interesting wine to contrast with the Michigan and Canadian Cabernet Franc wines available in this market. Suggested food parings include a variety of meat and poultry, feathered game, exotic meats, and some desserts such as mousse de chocolat or Sacher torte.

Carlos Basso “Dos Fincas” Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (suggested retail $15.99) This blend of 60% Cabernet and 40% Merlot is sourced from two distinct regions in Argentina, allowing the Basso family to make a more interesting blend by combining the attributes of two distinct micro-climates. The Cab and Merlot work together seamlessly as the nose exudes raspberry and sweet leather. Tastes warm and toasty, with ripe fruit softened by chocolate and pillowy tannins. Try this South American intrepretion of a Bordeaux blend with a grilled steak or Lamb.

San Telmo “Esencia” Malbec (suggested retail $9.99) Bright, sweet red berry-fruit – suggesting cherries, raspberries and strawberries. Plenty of red fruit character but matched by a spicy zing, some tannins and good acid balance, leaving a pleasantly savory mouth feel. On the palate are hints of tobacco and black pepper and a touch of vanilla. This San Telmo, though, is a bit austere, making it more like an “old world” style of wine, making it ideal with soft cheeses, or braised meats.

Sangenis i Vaque “Porrera” Priorat (suggested retail $19.99) In 1978, Pere SANGENÍS and Conxita VAQUÉ started to plant vines in Porrera, on the lands of Pere’s maternal side of the family–Monlleó- where vines have been cultivated since the 1700s. This blend of 45% Garnacha, 45% Mazuela and 10% Syrah has all the traditional flavors of Priorat with out the often obtrusive oak that is so heavily used in the region today. Packed with smoky raspberry notes of Garnacha and the tangy, sour cherry leanings of Carineña this is a solid wine from front to back. This wine will pair nicely with a cassolet, game birds, or a hearty stew.