Wine Sixpack #75


This set of 2 whites and 4 reds come in our reusable, partitioned, eco-friendly six bottle bag and contains over $70 worth of wine for the special price of $49.99. When you bring the empty bag back in, you receive a club discount on the purchase of six bottles or more of any of our in-stock wines.   Our sixpack club has no rules and no obligations, just a good value collection of specially selected wine.   Here is what is included in our latest collection...


Terrassous Cotes Catalanes Muscat Sec    This is not your normal run of the mill sweet muscat.  This wine is bone dry. It is a yellow bright color with green hues. Intense nose with aromas of fresh grapes, litchi and grapefruit. The palate is dry, yet well balanced, displaying aromas of citrus fruits. It’s a crisp and lively Muscat demonstrating all the character of the variety. Food and Wine pairings: Try with a salad, Tai fare, or enjoy it by itself as an aperitif or at the end of the meal.

Mateo Chardonnay, Santa Lucia Highlands California    Mateo is the fruit of the friendship between two winemakers (José Ignacio Cuenca & Brian Loring), two countries (Spain & the US) and two worlds (the Old & the New). This wine is a unique blend of California's finest Chardonnay grapes and is dedicated to José Mateo Cuenca Anderson. This wine has bright lemon on the nose with graham cracker and toast which continues through the finish.

Chateau Galochet Bordeaux Rouge       This wine is 100% Merlot.  Thierry Bergeon has managed Château Galochet with his wife and brother since 1996. The estate is located 30 km from Bordeaux. Enthusiastic about being winegrowers and delighted to live in the country, this inseparable trio has also started breeding dairy cows and selling raw milk in bottle, which is quite rare. This wine has an attractive deep garnet-red color and a fruity nose with hints of redcurrant. The wine starts out firm and fruity on the palate, with soft, very round tannin. The finish is smooth and long.

Peirano Estate Vineyards “Six Clones” Merlot    This wine is produced from 6 different clones, or sub-varieties, of Merlot grown on the estate.  Peirano Estate was the first commercial winery to grow and produce wine from these rare Merlot clones. Aromas of black cherries, red ripe raspberries, strawberry and spice (white pepper), join together in a single sensation of olfactory bliss. The mouth is filled with an array of flavors, including black cherry, strawberry and raspberry with lingering hints of cocoa and toasted oak. Moderate tannins and good acidity leave a pleasing finish.

Echeverria Gran Reserva Carmenere, Curico Valley Chile   100% hand-picked and carried to the estate winery immediately after cutting.  The grapes are then carefully sorted before processing. After aging in French barrels between 10 and 12 months, the resulting wine is garnet red with violet legs with intense aromas of ripe cherries and blackberries, with hints of red bell peppers, dried fruit and spices. Smooth and full-bodied, it has a round and delicate mouthful due to its oak-ageing. An extremely rich and velvety wine from this Chile’s signature grape variety.

Mazzolino Bonarda Oltrepo Pavese Italy      Made exclusively from Croatina grapes (locally referred to as Bonarda) from the Mazzolino Estate’s vineyards. This wine carries the name of the Estate to highlight its strong link with the most important native grape variety in the Oltrepò Pavese area, grown here since the dawn of time. It has a strong ruby-red color with bright purplish highlights. On the nose it is stylish and candid with overtones of small red fruits, blackberries and ripe cherries. On the palate straightaway it has goodly tannins typical of the variety, which add structure and complexity, leaving a good almond finish.  It goes well with local Lombard cuisine: cured meats, meat-filled ravioli, risotto, roast red meat and boiled meat.