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The Cork 'n Cap Press
October 2017
Still trying to learn this new format so we'll try to keep it brief but we have news for beer & wine aficionados, home brewers & winemakers
Deadline for LE17 December 3rd
For a limited time, Cork 'n Cap is offering LE17 by Winexpert, the worlds leader in home wine making, at a very special pre-sale price. In fact, we are not allowed to publish the price for prepaid orders because it violates our supplier's "Minimum Advertised Price" agreement. These top of the line limited edition kits are only available as a pre-order and will be delivered to Cork 'n Cap during each of the first 4 months of 2018. Call, email or visit Cork 'n Cap for ordering details. 

The LE17 Lineup
It's Stout Season
The days are darker this time of year and so is the beer. We stock an eclectic lineup of this flavorful elixir, including favorites from the best Michigan breweries. Of course you can buy any of them as singles, mix up a sixpack or even grab a case. Ever try a float made with Bell's Expedition Stout and vanilla ice cream? Yummm.
Bell's Stouts
Our Latest Wine Club Sixpack #73
I've copied and pasted the same text here for years so avid readers of the the Cork 'n Cap Press should be able to sing along with me... "Our latest selection of 6 wines contains 2 white and 4 red wines. It comes in its own reusable "earth friendly" wine bag and contains over $70 worth of specially selected wine for just $49.99. Our sixpack has no rules or obligations, just a great value in wine. Visit our Wine Sixpack Page for details."
Sixpack #73
An Unlikely Special Wine Feature:
A New Dry Red From Germany
We had an unexpected surprise at the Cascades Manor House German Dinner a couple weeks ago. The overwhelming favorite wine of the night was this $8.99 Trocken (dry) Dornfelder. This varietal is often used as a blending grape because of it's inky tablecloth staining abilities, but it is pleasantly fruity and soft. A great everyday wine that is great by itself or paired with a variety of casual fare that doesn't have to be German.

Dornfelder Trocken Bottle