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November 2016
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Beaujolais Nouveau Available Thursday Nov. 17
This French tradition and American Thanksgiving favorite becomes available for sale exactly one week before this special holiday each year.  A cargo plane loaded with the worlds freshest wine has landed at Metro and its contents will arrive at Cork n Cap just in time for the Thursday release.  Again this year, we are featuring the Nouveau of highly regarded Bourgogne producer Antonin Rodet for just $9.99 per bottle, or $101.90 when discounted 15% for your purchase of a 12 bottle case.  Be sure to check out the "fun facts" article below about what happens to Beaujolais Nouveau when it sits around in a cellar for 10 years.
Wine Of The Month: Meyer Fonne "Gentil"
Imported by Kermit Lynch, this wine is a unique Alsatian blend of Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer. "Wet stones and beeswax make for an intriguing nose, opening to a soft mouthfeel and a crisp, vibrant finish— an intense, dry white." Close your eyes and one sip of this wine transports you to Alsace. This is another "crowd pleaser" for pairing with the main course in your upcoming holiday feasts.  $17.99 Quantities are limited.
Our Current $99 Wooden Crate Bordeaux
Here is our latest in a series of wooden crate Bordeaux cases and we have received great feedback on our new one from Château Saint-Martin.  Winemaker Jean-Pierre Placidi has been in charge at the Château since 1990, when he took over from his parents. Jean-Pierre is a firm believer in the fine traditions of Bordeaux and the grape balance in this blend (45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc) reflects this. The Saint-Martin vineyards lie on clay-limestone slopes in Massugas, not far from the major hub of Bordeaux.  Available by the bottle for $9.99 or in the fabulous wooden 12 bottle crate for just $99, which works out to just $8.25 per bottle in the case.
Last Call For Winexpert‘s Limited Edition Kits
Now through the end of November, Winexpert - the worlds leader in home wine making, is offering their 2016 limited edition kits at a very special pre-sale price.  In fact, we are not allowed to publish the price for prepaid orders because it violates our supplier's "Minimum Advertised Price" agreement.  These top of the line limited edition kits need to be ordered by the end of November for delivery to Cork n Cap during the first 4 months of 2017.  Details on the 5 wines being offered this year are available here:Cork ‘n Cap LE16 Limited Edition Wine Kit Offering
Our Latest Wine Club Sixpack #64
Is Nearly Gone
We are all busy this time of year.  We have saved you valuable minutes by putting together a grab-and-go collection of 2 white and 4 red wines in our latest wine club sixpack.   As always, they come in our reusable, partitioned, eco-friendly six bottle bag and contains well over $70 worth of wine for a special price of $49.99. When you bring the empty bag back in, you receive a club discount on six bottles or more of any of our regularly priced in-stock wines.  Our sixpack club has no rules and no obligations,  just a good value collection of specially selected wine. Stay tuned to our  Wine Sixpack Club Page for more details on this and our future sixpacks once they are released.
Jacks Cork n Cap Wine Fun Facts
Each month I will explore a a wine topic and provide you with information you may not know and will hopefully find interesting.  If you have a question you would like to have me explore in future issues of this feature, feel free to reply to this email. This month we explore the ageability (or lack thereof) of a wine many insist must be poured down the drain come January 2nd because it has gone bad; the often misunderstood Beaujolais Nouveau.
In what has become an annual tradition, Beaujolais Nouveau, a perfect Thanksgiving wine, is released exactly one week before the holiday.  It shows up in mid November and has almost certainly evaporated from the shelves by the end of the year.  Ask anyone about Nouveau and they will tell you that it needs to be drank young because it is simple and fruity and just was not made to hold up
over time.  I have always been somewhat skeptical about whether a bottle of wine can turn to vinegar faster than Rudolph and his coworkers can drag a cookie & milk laden Santa and his overloaded sleigh off of a brownstone roof.  Having recently found a couple of bottles of 10 year old Beaujolais Nouveau resting peacefully in my cellar, I enlisted the help of two card carrying sommeliers, Kristen and Shane,  to determine once and for all whether this is a myth to be busted.  We opened 2006 George Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau and Albert Bichot Villages Beaujolis Nouveau. They had been stored in the dark, undisturbed for nearly 10 years after I
had the brilliant idea of heartily stocking 6 different Nouveau wines at Cork n Cap that year.  Needless to say there were a few left over and they eventually ended up forgotten, until now.  The Duboeuf was opened first.  the foil was cut back revealing the top of a hard rubber synthetic cork.  It was hard not to notice the "racing stripe" on the inside of the back of the bottle, not a big surprise for an unfiltered wine that sat in the same position for 10 years.  We poured, stared,  sniffed, swirled, and sipped and all reached a similar conclusion; that while still marginally drinkable and possibly better than we had feared, it had lost much of its fruit and what could be described as a "burning tire" rubber note on the finish.  That may
have been influenced by our disappointment in seeing that hard rubber cork.   The Albert Bichot was a different story.  Cutting back the foil revealed not a hard rubber, foam, or other type of synthetic stopper made from tiny bits of pressed together substances, but real cork! We ran this wine through the same rigorous evaluation process as the other and were very pleasantly surprised.  It had evolved into a mature serious red, with lively fruit and a surprisingly substantial tannin grip on the finish.  It was every bit as enjoyable as it was 10 years ago.
“A sip of wine, a cigarette, and then it’s time to go.
I tidied up the kitchenette; I tuned the old banjo.
I’m wanted at the traffic-jam. They’re saving me a seat.”
-Leonard Cohen


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