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March 2017
 This Issue:      Insurrection!     Latitude 42 In The House           Refractometer          New Wine Sixpack
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Latitude 42 Visits Cork 'n Cap Next Thursday March 30th
As a couple of the largest Michigan brewers have grown exponentially over the past decade they have passed the savings from their improved economies of scale on to the consumer and prices of their beers have steadily declined.  April Fools! Not really.  While they have increased capacity and efficiency, their prices have steadily gone up. I guess my Econ101 professor was wrong.   Smart shoppers however are catching on and Latitude 42 gets it.  They have moved most of their beers to 16oz can format and have reduced their pricing to make it possible for us to sell a 4 pack of their flagship IPA for under $8.  Drop in Thursday March 30th between 4pm and 6pm and we will give you a chance to taste through some of their quality lineup.
Wine Of The Month: Insurrection
Why would we put a wine named "Insurrection" on special this month? Hmmm.  Maybe because it was on sale from our supplier?  This blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon from down under is big and bold, with ripe red fruit and the medium oak treatment adds toast and spice.  Originally retailed at $17.99, on sale for $10.99.  Give Insurrection a try, what do you have to lose.
Insurrection Label
New Wine Club Sixpack #68
Is Now Available
Our latest grab-and-go collection of 2 white and 4 red wines are featured in our latest wine club sixpack.   As always, they come in our reusable, partitioned, eco-friendly six bottle bag and contains well over $70 worth of wine for a special price of $49.99. When you bring the empty bag back in, you receive a club discount on six bottles or more of any of our regularly priced in-stock wines.  Our sixpack club has no rules and no obligations,  just a good value collection of specially selected wine. Stay tuned to our  Wine Sixpack Club Page for more details on this and our future sixpacks once they are released.
Easy Sugar Measuring For Home Brewers & Wine Makers 
Hobbyists  have typically used hydrometers to measure sugar content of their concoctions because the cost of a refractometer was relatively out of reach.  Now for the price of breaking a few of the fragile glass measuring devices you can have your own precision measuring tool just like the professionals.  They are more accurate and require just a single drop to get your measurement, making it possible to get easy reads of your boiling wort, or the brix of your grapes out in the field. 
Irish I Had Another Glass Of

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