Cork 'n Cap is Jackson Michigan's Full Service Wine Merchant and only complete home brewing & wine making supply store.  We feature a selection of over 150 craft and imported beers where you can "Pick Your Own Sixpack", and carry the area's best selection of independent and family produced wines in every price range.

What's Happening @ Cork 'n Cap



New $99 Wooden Crate Bordeaux Special

The latest in our series of great value Bordeaux comes is 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, this dry red wine is well-balanced and elegant on the palate, with a fruit dimension that shines through with notes of strawberries and cream. The soft and supple tannins make you want to come back for another glass! It's not quite up to the measure of Chateau Margaux, but for the price it has a surprisingly long and satisfying finish.  We are offering this wine for $9.99 per bottle, or discounted to $99 when you purchase the 12 bottle wooden crate case.


Wine Sixpack #46 is now available

This collection of 1 white and 5 reds comes in its own reusable "earth friendly" wine bag and contains over $70 worth of specially selected wine for just $49.99.  Our sixpack has no rules or obligations, just a great value in wine.  Visit our Wine Sixpack Page for details on this current selection

Now You Can Have Your Own Porta-Party

Ever make a 5 gallon batch of beer and wish you had draught and bottles of your brew?  Want to take your keg on the road but find it way too inconvenient to lug a 5 gallon keg and CO2 tank around that won't fit in a refrigerator?  Now it is easier than ever with these new, high quality Italian made 2.5 gallon "corny" keg. Coupled with the necessary accessories, this whole rig easily fits in a fridge or a cooler and includes the faucet, CO2 keg charger, fittings, and CO2 cartridge for just under $160. Sorry, the beer isn't included..


Stout BIAB Kit: $29.99

IPA BIAB Kit: $37.99


New Item For Home Brewers:   All Grain "Brew In A Bag"

Each kit makes 5 gallons of beer (approx. 53-12 oz. glasses)  The BIAB method is easy and ensures the best possibility of success for an extract brewer to brew an all-grain batch. Very little equipment is needed. With a 42 quart or larger pot, a propane burner and a nylon BIAB bag you'll be all-grain brewing in no time!  Homebrewers in urban dwellings will appreciate the small footprint that BIAB requires for an all-grain setup.  With less equipment to setup and cleanup there is more time to enjoy you homebrews.